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We aim to echo our values to our customers by delivering products that embrace quality through durability, reliability, performance, and beauty.

Wakeup! offer quality products at economical prices

We are a manufacturer of high quality products, reaching US standards, proven by international quality certificates

Over 1000+ Happy Customers

Our clients are our biggest asset. And customer loyalty is our ultimate goal.

The Wakeup! One-Year Limited Warranty

Wake up! is committed to the design and manufacture of original, high-quality products for your home. As part of our commitment, every Wakeup! product is backed by a One Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

We can come up with a hundred reasons why you should choose Wakeup, but it all comes down to this: Our products are game changers! They turn every activity into a fun, pleasurable experience, and increase productivity by saving you time and money.Our catalogue includes a variety of kitchen tools which have been carefully handpicked by our staff, sourced from suppliers all around the world, and conveniently brought right to your doorstep. Also, forget about frequent replacements, our home appliances are engineered to withstand real life use for a long time, giving you one less thing to worry about, and helping you to enjoy a more relaxed and pleasant life. We source each and every one of our items with special attention to detail, and we take this seriously each step of the way. We focus specially on innovation and high quality, so our customers can get the best products, manufactured with the safest materials, at the most competitive prices.Start discovering a world of possibilities with Wakeup!, we ship nationwide.

Special Summer Set



Hand Coffee Grinder

GET THE BEANS YOU WANT – Our burr coffee grinder lets you have more control over the coarseness of your beans. Customize the settings to get either coarse, medium, or fine grounds for your brew.

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Manual Coffee Grinder



Embossed Rolling Pin for Kids Baking

3-PIECE SET includes our 14.17” dinosaur engraved rolling pin, round metal cookie cutter and brush for whisking away pastry dough from the decorative pattern. Emboss adorable birthday cookies for your baby, nephew or grandkids.

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Embossed Rolling PIn
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