Coffee’s health benefits

June 18, 2021 by wake up!

Enjoying a coffee is part of our daily life, and each time represents a privileged moment that should certainly not be a guilty pleasure. Coffee is indeed a safe and natural drink. According to extensive scientific studies, coffee may even play a preventive role in the evolution of many diseases, including various types of cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee and digestion

Coffee has the virtue of stimulating gastric secretion as well as the motor skills of the colon. In this sense, a cup of coffee is much more effective than a glass of water and is equivalent to a meal of 1000 calories.

Coffee and the heart

Regular consumption of coffee (less than 6 cups per day) does not cause any cardiac risk. On the contrary, the antioxidants contained in this drink prevent the deposition of cholesterol on the arteries.

Coffee and cancer

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the beneficial and protective effect of antioxidants against liver cancer in particular.

Alzheimer’s disease

Scientific studies show that moderate coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than very light drinkers (less than one cup a day). Caffeine slows down the loss of dopamine.

Coffee and intellectual performance

Coffee has a positive impact on short-term memory, psychotechnical, and IQ. Scientific studies have shown a correlation between these positive effects and the amount of coffee consumed.

Surprising ways to use coffee beans

The benefits of coffee are many for both body and mind: tasting a good cup of coffee is a joy at any time of the day. Coffee can also be useful in other ways. Here are a few examples.

Scrub and anti-cellulite

Do you want to avoid or reduce the effects of cellulite? You may have noticed that one of the most common components on the market in creams to combat this problem is caffeine, which acts effectively against the stagnation of liquids, stimulating microcirculation. If you want to prepare an excellent economical and organic cosmetic treatment, mix almond oil with ground coffee using a coffee grinder and massage the areas to be treated. Leave to rest and then rinse in the shower. The exfoliating effect of the coffee will make your skin smoother, brighter, moisturized, and, with a little patience, firmed.

In the salt shaker

Adding a few coffee beans to the salt shaker or sugar bowl is a simple and convenient way to absorb moisture and ensure that salt and sugar always stay dry without forming annoying lumps.

Chewy treats

If you have a sweet tooth, with your favorite coffee selection, you can easily prepare candies that will spice up your coffee break or can be enjoyable at any other time of the day. How do you do it? Melt a bar of dark chocolate in a double boiler and dip the coffee beans in it one by one. When they are well covered, take them out with a small spoon and let them cool on a sheet of baking paper. Once cooled, put them in a bag or, better still, in a small metal box to keep with you. Well wrapped, these delicacies are also a great gift idea for coffee lovers.

Coffee, the friend of plants

Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer for plants that require acidic soil. Enriching the soil with coffee is a perfect way to restore the right pH, especially if your city’s water is said to be harsh due to the presence of limestone, which tends to reduce soil acidity. Another advantage? Coffee even keeps ants and insects away from the balcony or garden.

Coffee as a natural deodorant

You can grind a handful of coffee beans with a coffee grinder and put this ground coffee in a container that you leave open in the refrigerator. The coffee will naturally absorb unpleasant odors and perfume the inside of your refrigerator. And since we’re talking about aromas, here’s another property of coffee that you may not know: you’ll find coffee beans in all good perfume shops. Yes, breathing coffee helps to make the scent of smell more sensitive to new aromas while canceling out the olfactory fatigue when you discover several fragrances.


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