Ground or Coffee Beans?

June 19, 2021 by wake up!1
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If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s because you’re well on your way to becoming a true coffee lover! Or maybe you already are! You’ve come to the right place to get all the answers about the differences between coffee beans and ground coffee. Also, the advantages and disadvantages of each!



Simplicity and speed of use

One of the advantages of ground coffee is its ease of use. It does not require any accessories or know-how.It differs from coffee beans, which cannot be used as-is. Before using it, you should grind it.To do this, you can use an electric coffee grinder or, you can also use a manual grinder. This is what our grandparents did to get a relatively coarse grinding, suitable, for example, for extraction by a French press (a piston coffee maker). It is, therefore, easy and faster to use a coffee purchased ground. However, we will see that ground coffee has many disadvantages.

Recognizing quality coffee

When you open a bag filled with coffee beans, you are usually overwhelmed by the pleasant and intoxicating smell. This smell can be more or less pronounced. It already gives you a first impression of the quality of the coffee you have bought.The quality of the coffee can also be judged by the shape, color, and homogeneity of the beans. If too many beans are damaged, in pieces instead of whole, the coffee can be considered not very good quality.

Similarly, one will be able to tell at a glance whether the coffee beans have been carefully harvested because of the homogeneity. If you see the whole appears homogeneous, it means that the harvest was done by “picking,” by hand, selecting only sufficiently ripe coffee cherries. Non-homogeneous coffee beans mean that the harvest was done quickly without paying attention to the quality of each cherry.

Finally, you can judge the roasting by the color of the beans. Each coffee requires a different degree and time of roasting. Some need to be roasted more than others to show off their full richness. But often the darker the coffee is (longer it is roasted) more bitter and stronger it will be.

Remember! The color in combination with the smell and the pronounced quality of the beans allows you to quickly determine whether the coffee is of good quality or not.


Ground or bean coffee, which extractions can be used for?

Another disadvantage of ground coffee is that you can’t use it for all the extractions you want.And yes, if you have an espresso machine and a piston coffee maker at home, you won’t be able to buy a packet of ground coffee and use it for both extractions. The first requires from you a fine grind (for example, using a coffee grinder), and the second a much coarser grind.So, if you want to use both coffee makers, you will have to buy two different packages of ground coffee. The problem is that you will have to open two packages of ground coffee at the same time. But it is advisable to consume ground coffee with the package open very quickly!The size of the grinding depends on the your coffee grinder.

The advantage of coffee beans is that you choose when you grind it and especially how you do it! You will be able to use the same coffee and grind it finely or coarsely according to your desire of the moment!


Preservation of ground coffee or coffee beans

It is strongly recommendable for you that you consume your ground coffee quickly once the package opened. The same applies to coffee beans, but these will oxidize much slowly than ground coffee.It is advisable to consume to you a coffee bean within 5 weeks of roasting and to store it in a dry place. After 5 weeks it will start to lose its flavor. For ground coffee, it is even worse! That’s why real coffee lovers and baristas never use it and always use a grind they have just made.Coffee beans keep their aromas and flavors longer. Ground coffee loses its taste qualities very quickly.

Before I get into the effects and benefits of coffee, the first anecdote that comes to mind is a quote from Donald Hensrud, CEO of the Mayo Clinic. It s a world-renowned NGO considered by some to be the best hospital in the United States for all specialties.



That’s it! Now you know everything! I’ll leave you to choose between ground coffee or coffee beans! But I think you understand. If you want quality coffee with all its aromas and flavors, you should choose coffee beans! In the end, it’s just like cooking! It’s always better when you start with raw products and make your own!

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