Dinosaur Embossed Rolling Pin for Kids Baking


CREATE CUTE COOKIES with dinosaur embossing using this wood rolling pin by Wakeup! Roll out patterned cookie dough featuring printed dino footprints, brontosauruses and stegosauruses with greater ease than cookie stamps.

3-PIECE SET includes our 14.17” dinosaur engraved rolling pin, round metal cookie cutter and brush for whisking away pastry dough from the decorative pattern. Emboss adorable birthday cookies for your baby, nephew or grandkids.

DEEP LASER ENGRAVING in the Wakeup! Dinosaur Textured Roller for food ensures superior patterns in cookie dough. Enjoy a kids baking day in your kitchen and see them marvel at making cookies with texture and designs.

ECO-FRIENDLY, FOOD-GRADE embossing rolling pin is made of natural hard wood. It is free of BPA, phthalates and other chemicals. Ergonomically formed handles with precision bearings result in smooth, easy rolling of dough.

EASY TO CLEAN with the included brush, the Wakeup! Textured Rolling Pin needs only a light wipe-down with a damp cloth followed by air-drying. It makes a thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift for bakers with small children.

Product Description

Make Roarin’ Good Desserts
Crush your next dino-themed kids birthday party with textured cookies made by our dinosaur designed embossed rolling pin. More efficient than individual cookie stamps for baking, this engraved roller pin impresses dinosaur caricatures right into large sheets of dough which you then cut into cookies with the included round cutter. Delight a crowd of hungry dinosaur hunters and be your child’s hero when you combine his favorite cookie recipe with fun T-Rex and Brontosaurus designs.

Deep, High-Quality Texture
The Wakeup! Embossed Roller Pin for baking has been laser-etched deeply so it creates decorated cookies with easily discernible designs. To ensure that every batch looks as eye-catching as the next, we include a handy cleaning brush. Use it between batches to whisk away dried dough remnants and keep the dinosaur design clean and impactful. With a large round cookie cutter to cut-out your dino designs, you will make quick work of creating dinosaur food to satisfy prehistoric appetites.

Encourage a Love of Baking
The simplest of cookie decorating tools, engraved wooden rolling pins are a great way to introduce youngsters to the art of baking. The Wakeup! Dinosaur Embossed Rolling Pin incorporates one of their favorite themes, giving them enthusiasm for making cookies followed by a tasty reward for their hard work. Enjoy memorable bonding time with children and grandchildren when you add it to your cookie baking supplies.

Delight your kids with Jurassic-style treats. Add the Wakeup! Embossed Wooden Rolling Pin to your cookie baking tools and accessories today.


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