Manual Coffee Grinder – Black


☕ REFINE YOUR GRIND with this hand crank coffee grinder by Wakeup. Our slim ceramic burr coffee grinder gives you ultimate control over the coarseness of your beans and produces more flavorful coffee than an automatic coffee mill.
☕ DURABLE CERAMIC BURRS in the Wakeup Manual Coffee Grinder are more resilient than stainless steel and will not produce heat. This helps preserve the oils which are responsible for coffee’s full-bodied flavor and complex aroma.
☕ ADJUSTABLE GRIND SELECTOR allows you to customize fine, medium and coarse grinds with our coffee and espresso grinder. An integrated viewing window lets you monitor grinding for perfect pour over, French press and cold brew.
☕ DURABLE AND QUIET conical burr grinder for coffee beans and spices is made of non-corrosive, food-grade stainless steel. With no batteries or electricity required, the 11.3-oz Wakeup Hand Coffee Grinder is portable and easy-to-use.
☕ INCLUDED FREE with your Wakeup Manual Coffee Bean Grinder are a combination coffee scoop and bag clip made of stainless steel and a cleaning brush. This premium set is a must-have addition to your coffee bar accessories.

1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee
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Product Description

Elevate your grinding game
Escape the mediocre brews of pre-ground coffee by grinding your own coffee and espresso beans with the Wakeup! Manual Coffee Grinder . Designed to reduce beans to your preferred coarseness, this versatile coffee hand grinder preserves delicate oils for the most flavorful and satisfying brew you will ever experience. Quiet and portable at just 7.87 inches x 3.35 inches x 2.83 inches, this small coffee grinder lets you savor fresh-ground espresso beans at home and pour-over coffee while camping or during travel.

Durable and versatile
The Wakeup Portable Coffee Grinder with hand crank features an impact-resistant stainless steel housing with integrated viewing window. Unlike blade grinders that slice and dice indiscriminately while damaging oils with heat, our ceramic burr grinders come together to create uniform grind size and preserve oils for maximum flavor. Because there is no electric motor and no batteries are required, our manual grinder is quiet and easy to use without waking-up everyone in the house. Enjoy a rich, aromatic cup of coffee while stealing a little personal time for yourself.

Indulge your coffee desires
With its lightweight portability, flexible coarseness settings and ability to be used virtually anywhere, the Wakeup Burr Mill is the best coffee grinder for all your espresso and coffee-brewing needs. Each manual burr coffee grinder comes with a bonus scoop clip and brush to measure your fresh grounds, preserve unused portions and maintain peak performance of your manual grinder.

Set the stage for your perfect cup-of-joe. Add the Wakeup Coffee Burr Grinder to your coffee accessories today.


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