Manual Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel


ADJUSTABLE GRIND: Our hand coffee bean grinder is adjustable and can give you the grind you need for whatever type of brew you enjoy. When using the manual coffee grinder, you can choose from coarse, medium, and fine grinds.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from stainless steel, the coffee grinder is a durable material that will stand the test of time. The ceramic burr grinder offers a consistent grind while the acrylic chamber keeps the grinds fresh.

TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Our small coffee grinder measures just 4.7 x 19 cm and it is lightweight. This makes our manual grinder perfectly portable. Take the coffee grinder with you on vacation, to the office, and when visiting family!

MANUAL OPERATION: Featuring a crank operation system, this hand coffee grinder has no electrical or battery operated parts. The manual coffee grinder is easy to use and will give you a great grind every time you use it!

EASY CLEAN: Using the included cleaning brush, our ceramic burr grinder is simple to keep clean. For best results, you should clean the ground coffee from the hand coffee grinder mill between uses. 

1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee
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Product Description


For the best tasting cup of joe, you want to brew your coffee with fresh ground beans. 

Our manual coffee grinder lets you do that with no fuss!


The coffee grinder manual features a ceramic grinder that has a smooth operation that gives consistent results with almost no noise. 

This hand grinder for coffee beans has an adjustable mill which allows you to change the coarseness of your grind.

The ceramic burr grinder can give you coarse, medium or fine ground coffee to make your favorite coffee drink! 


No cords, no batteries, and no electricity are needed to operate our hand coffee grinder! 

The Turkish coffee grinder is operated manually so you can use it anywhere. 

For delicious coffee, while you are camping, at work, or on vacation, all you need are coffee beans, our hand grinder, and hot water! 


In addition to the coffee bean grinder, you will also receive our spoon for measuring coffee as well as a cleaning brush to keep your hand coffee grinder mill clean and in great shape!


This manual coffee grinder makes an excellent gift for the coffee lovers in your life, too! 

Give your friends and family the pleasure of enjoying freshly ground coffee with their own burr grinder!

When looking for a manual coffee grinder that is adjustable, user friendly, and offers consistent results – you’re in the right spot! 

Add our coffee bean grinder to your cart today!


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